We work on the basis of an hourly rate. My hourly rate is € 250.00 ex VAT. In case of mediation, you share the hourly rate.

We do not charge a separate percentage for office costs. Costs to third parties such as court fees, bailiff’s costs, costs of GBA extracts, etc. are charged on. Costs for experts such as accountants, tax specialists, civil-law notaries, brokers, are only made after you have agreed. We pass on these costs.

The costs of legal aid related to family law cannot be passed on to a company as business costs.

The costs for our activities related to obtaining spousal maintenance can be stated as a deductible item on the part of the maintenance claimant in box 1 in the income tax return.

Law firm A. Streefkerk does not accept cases based on state-funded legal aid, the so-called “toevoeging”. You can find out whether you qualify for this on the website of the Legal Aid Council: www.rvr.org

Invoices are made monthly, of course accompanied by an hour specification.

It is difficult to estimate in advance how much the handling of a case will cost in total. This depends on the problems that arise on both a personal and financial level.