During a divorce, a lot of things need to be taken care of. Not just personally, but financially as well. You have a lot of business to take care of, and during these times you do not want to carry all these burdens. A divorce is drastic for all parties involved. 

During these difficult times I will gladly assist you with advice and action. Not only do I help you with legal advice regarding your divorce, I will also function as your encyclopedia during the entire process (and even afterwards). Your interest is my priority.

What is mediation?
With mediation, the two of you will solve any problems you have yourselves through mutual consultation. You will be guided by an independent mediator. In a number of conversations, the aim is to reach agreement on everything that needs to be arranged regarding your divorce.

Mediation often alleviates violent emotions and creates mutual understanding and trust. Mediation offers the best opportunity to settle a divorce with harmony and reason.

What does a mediator do?
As a mediator, I will guide you and your partner in this process; both in the legal and financial field. Attention shall be paid to the emotional aspects, too. I will act as a “neutral third” and I will make sure to keep an eye on both of your interests. As we collaborate, I will determine which solutions best suit your wishes and interests.

The benefits of mediation
• You control everything, unlike a contested divorce, where a judge has the final say.
• Mediation contributes to maintaining mutual relationships which in turn also has positive effects on the children.
• You can make customized agreements and make creative (non-legal) arrangements.
• You achieve quick results.
• A mediator works for the both of you; cost-effective.
• You can also go to a mediator after the divorce, e.g. if you want a different care-taking schedule for the children.


What is collaborative divorce?
If mediation is not possible, collaborative divorce can be an alternative. Especially if there are major differences between you and your partner in judgement and/or emotions or if you have difficulty defending your own interests. With collaborative divorce, you are both assisted by your own lawyer. In addition, there is a coach who guides the divorce process and, if necessary, point the concerns of each party in the right direction. With a collaborative divorce you can still come to joint agreements and avoid a procedure.

What does a collaborative divorce lawyer do?
As a collaborative divorce lawyer I will function as your own legal supporter. You and I, your partner and his or her lawyer, we form the base team. The coach is also part of the team. If desired, you can add other external parties to the team, such as an accountant, tax specialist or pension expert.

What are the benefits of a collaborative divorce?
 Just as with mediation, you control everything, unlike a contested divorce, where the judge has the final say.
 Collaborative divorce contributes to maintaining mutual relationships which in turn also has positive effects on the children.
 You can make customized agreements and make creative (non-legal) arrangements.
• Collaborative divorce lawyers work together instead of against each other. They can create the best arrangements for you and your partner.
• The process becomes more effortless thanks to the fewer parties involved. This is cost-effective, time efficient and prevents escalation.

Contensted divorce
If disputes cannot be resolved mutually — whether it is a divorce, a dissolution of a registered partnership or an end of cohabitation — then a legal procedure is unfortunately inevitable. With this so-called “divorce or contested divorce”, you and your partner are each assisted by your own lawyer and your points of dispute are submitted to the court. This is after consultation between lawyers has not led to a desired result.

Conflicted divorce
As a lawyer I always strive for a win-win situation for both parties and I do my utmost best to prevent a “conflicted divorce”. Good mutual consultation with your partner and his or her lawyer is a requirement for this and can prevent a lot of misery. It often turns out feasible to reach agreements in which both you and your partner can agree upon, without having to go to court.

It is not always possible to reach resolution.
Sometimes emotions run too high and former partners can no longer converse with each other. In that case a decision is requested from the judge. A contested divorce proceeding can take a very long time and frequently leads to your mutual relationships deteriorating further, which can turn the divorce into a conflict. A situation that is not only harmful to the two of you, but also to your children if any. Reason enough to prevent a conflicted divorce as much as possible!

Divorce lawyer
If you do not want or cannot choose between either mediaton or a collaborative divorce, I can represent your interests as a divorce lawyer.
Please contact me to discuss all options!