Are you married with community property? In the event of a divorce, the matrimonial assets must be distributed. If you have documented prenuptial agreements, agreements must be made about the settlement. It is important to distribute the accrued pension.

Community property
If you are married with community property, all assets that you and your partner acquired during your marriage will be included in the community. This also applies to the assets that you already had before the wedding. Only gifts or inheritances on which a so-called exclusion clause is in effect are not included.

You and your partner can make agreements about the distribution of the community property, but you can also incorporate me in this process.

Settlement of marital conditions
If you are married with a prenuptial agreement, settlement must be made. There is no community property but there are often common assets, such as a house.

Yet again, it applies that you and your partner can make mutual agreements about the distribution. You can also let the judge decide.

Unmarried and separating?
Even if you are not married and you are separating, it is advised to seek legal advice. You may have made agreements in a cohabitation contract about how the assets should be distributed or settled when the relationship ends. In some cases, such agreements are not entirely unequivocal.
I can clarify any uncertainties in these agreements.

Do you have questions about the distribution of property community or the settlement of your prenuptial agreement?
Please contact me. I will gladly help you.