Divorcing is not only radical for you and your partner, it also leaves a heavy impact on your children. They have to deal with all kinds of emotions, such as anger, sadness, anxiety and insecurity. What is going to happen to them? Who are they going to live with? Do they have to move? Maybe change schools?

Even if you divorce, it is your children that binds you and your partner. Children do not want to pick any sides, they prefer to remain loyal to both parents. It is therefore extremely important to make it clear to them that the divorce is not their fault. And to guide them well and to talk about the divorce.

Parenting plan
If you have children and are getting divorced, making a parenting plan is mandatory. In this plan you arrange the mutual agreements about the allocation of parenthood.

Issues to document in a parenting plan:
• How you divide care and upbringing tasks;
• The main residence of the children;
• Which days the children stay with which parent;
• How you divide the costs of the children;
• How you exchange information about the children;
• How you consult together and make important decisions regarding the children.

In addition, you must inform the children which agreements you have made.

Do you need advice or guidance when drawing up a parenting plan? Please contact me. I will gladly help you.

Other legal issues concerning children
You can also turn to me for other legal situations of which your children are involved. Think of having child support calculated, disputes about the choice of school or a question about the distribution of care-taking.