As long as you are married, you must take care of each other and your children and support each other financially. But even after a divorce, as ex-partners you have an obligation to care of each other (partner alimony) and your children (child support). The amount of that alimony depends on a number of factors.

Partner alimony
Are you divorcing and the income of either of you is too low to care oneself? Then the other partner is obliged to contribute financially for a certain period to the care of his or her ex. Worth nothing is that besides marriages, registered partnerships are eligible for alimony, too.

Child support
After the divorce, parents also have a parental responsibility towards their children. Usually one of you takes care of and educates the children. The other former partner must then offer financial support until the children are 21 years old.

Agreements about alimony
If you put an end to your relationship, there must be an arrangement whereby the costs of the children are shared amongst themselves. And you also have to make agreements about partner care. You can try to coordinate this in mutual consultation. If you can’t figure it out, you can let the judge decide.

How much is the alimony?
Do you want to know if you are entitled to alimony? Or calculate how much alimony you can get or what you have to pay? As a lawyer specializing in family law, I am trained in drafting and reviewing alimony calculations. I can tell you exactly what you are entitled to.

Change alimony
Even if your personal circumstances change, legal advice is often desirable. Think of dismissal, loss of income, a new job or childbirth. The alimony may be higher or lower in that case. Please contact me. I will gladly help you.